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African Gospel Media Radio ( is registered as African Gospel Media Ministries. We are a Non Profit Christian Radio Station which broadcast exclusively on the Internet. We are located in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. . We are Faith based Christian Station. We spread the gospel through music which we Airplay. The wordings of all gospel songs are all from the bible. We are therefore passing these messages to all our listeners all over the world.


• Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God through inspirational Music to every country all over the world.
• Reaching the heart of the people all over the world with the message of Hope, Faith, etc, to those who are suffering from a Broken hearted, Depression, Deceived, Divorce, Mourning, etc that the solution to their challenges in life is in Jesus Christ.
• Promoting the song of Independent or unlabeled African origin gospel artists all over the world by Airplay their music for free of charge.

So far we have have listeners in over 100 countries all over the world. See Our listeners page for details.

Agmradio spread God’s powerful word every day by AIRPLAY Gospel Music of African origin Independent Gospel Artists, and using the same medium to help these artists promotes their songs all over the world. Our uniqueness from other Internet Radio Station is that our listeners can listen both on computers and mobile devices such as ipad, iphone, blackberry, tablets and Android supports mobile phones.

African Gospel Media Radio are so impressed to see our listeners growing steadily everyday, especially in faraway countries and in the Arab countries. Missionaries overseas who would’t have had access to a Christian Radio Channel are now blessed through our broadcast.

African Gospel Media Radio love playing anything that "SOUND GOSPEL" and INSPIRATIONAL PRAISE AND WORSHIP. We play gospel soul, jazz, reggae, hip-hop, raps, Rock, high life, makos sa and traditional gospel.

We are offering Gospel songs to some our listeners who would not necessary have had access to gospel songs at certain place and time. We're always there with inspiring gospel songs. We stream non-stop gospel songs 24/7. Our determination is to win more souls to our Lord Jesus Christ.


At the moment, Gospel music are limited to about 10% on Radio and TV daily programmes in a lots of countries and far beyond this percentage in a lots of countries. This limitation has serious effects on two things:

  • The Gospel artist gets no recognitions, chances of their songs being heard is extremely limited, this in turn affect their royalties’ on the release of their album.
  • Music speaks, if gospel songs are not played, the worldly music takes over, narrowing the chances of winning more souls to our Lord Jesus.

African Gospel Media is committed to helping Gospel artists, Recording artists and Gospel music producers to gain the recognition they deserves by AIRPLAY gospel music ON THE INTERNET where there is no limitation as to who listens to it.

African Gospel Media strongly and truly extend our sincere invitation to all of you to be part of this programme. It should be noted that we are all working for Jesus Christ our Lord. You're greatly blessed...

Please support our ministry today so we can remain on Air to continue spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. African Gospel Media Radio ( is partly funded by donations from listeners like you. It cost reasonable amount of money to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week nonstop.

Visit our open appeal letter page and our general support page.

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Thank you in advance for your contribution towards African Gospel Media Ministries and for taking time to read the contents of this page.

God greatly bless you.

African Gospel Media Radio Team.







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